Strategically place WHISPS to grow out wobbeling long Tals and reach higher and higher.

Connecting them with bridges gives Tals stability and Whisps a wider movability, though the connected Tals stop growing any higher.

If the bridge passes through a glowing Cube it grants more Whisps to build even higher to the next Cube.
Cubes get smaller and if not collected fast enough they fall, tearing the platform below them, with everything on it, down too.

Tals need to be protected from the Winds that will build up over time and shrink them down when touching them.
By building bridges they can be stabilized. 
Placing WHISPS to build branches on the TALS can stabilize them while letting them grow further. When hit by wind the tal will only shrink down to the branch.


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Unfortunately does not work... if you care to see the error I am having.

I had issues w/ my game as well that only appeared after trying to put it on
If my tiny brain can figure out weird bugs, yours can too GL

Thanks for the message! I fixed the problem, had uploaded an old version... It should work now.